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Talk Now and Talk Later: Week 1

Chapter 1: How To Talk To Your Kids About God

People seem to find kids to be intimidating. For me, this can be a bit amusing as I find adults to be far scarier than kids. Everyone has different views I guess, but regardless of which view you hold, one of the most difficult topics to talk about can be God himself.

God is not hard to talk about with like-minded people in your Bible study at church or your friends around a good hot cup of coffee. But let’s take away that comfort zone for a moment: How often do you strike up a conversation about God while you are in the elevator at the office, or in line at the grocery store? These times are a bit more guarded while we allow our mind to think of other things or we think to ourselves “now is not the time”, etc. So it totally takes us off balance when our kids put us on the spot with questions we have never thought about before. They are professionals at that aren’t they?

These small people who can’t tie their shoes or drive a car can cause us to have to think beyond Einstein’s theory of relativity to explain answers that are beyond our universe. They have a gift of asking questions that seem to be unexplainable and even those are that are incomprehensible on our part. God gave them a gift in their minds that we don’t fully understand as adults—innocence.

I remember asking my dad, “How do the deer know that they are supposed to cross the road at the ‘deer crossing’ signs?” He laughed for a while before explaining the answer to me. Innocence is a gift from God that keeps our children wondering more and more and desiring to ask questions. We can’t be the ones the stifle their desire to learn.

Here’s the deal: you are the parent of your child, therefore you are the primary caregiver for such a blessed being. Yes, that means you have to feed, clothe, provide shelter, etc., but also you are the primary spiritual caregiver for your child. God called you to this role the day He blessed you with your baby. Guess what? That means that you can absolutely handle this job! We are here to partner with you and work together with you to build a solid foundation for your children on the Word of God. You are the one who is with them so many more hours. I love how Brian Dollar breaks down the amount of time you may have with your children. Yes, everyone’s schedule is different, but you have so much more influence than you may realize because of schedules and routines demanding so much attention.

Let’s start this blog off with some discussion and questions.

  1. Do you personally have a time where you are studying God’s Word to learn more to be able to give more? If so, what do you do?
  2. Do you and your spouse spend time praying, seeking God over your family on a regular basis?
  3. What do you do with your kids to teach them the importance of reading their Bible and spending time with God?
  4. How has this possibly changed over the years?

I will get us started.

Yes, I wake up before my son each day to spend time with God and pray.

Donovan and I are currently reading an amazing book by Margaret Feinberg and discussing a little bit each day before we pray together over our family. This has helped us in so many ways. It has allowed us to be on the same page more, stopping us from running in two different directions constantly. Oh, and we may only spend ten minutes doing this depending on the day but it makes all the difference in growing spiritually with your spouse. I love getting to see what God reveals to him. It’s often different than what God reveals to me even though we have read the same passage.

Finally, I have a great kids Bible for Levi called “The Jesus Storybook Bible.” In the morning when he wakes up and comes downstairs, I am usually still in my chair finishing my time with God. He comes for me to hold him and I grab his Bible out of the basket and we read one story. We look at the pictures, talk about what God did and what happened. We take a moment and pray and then go into the routine of the day.

Your day may look totally different than this and that is OK. You need to find what works for you and your family. We tried Bible time before bed and that was a disaster. That time has to be simple stories that don’t need much attending too because he is still wired regardless of what time we try to do the story. Every family works different and has different pockets of the time. The one thing that is the same for each and every family is that you need God at the center of your family. You are equipped and supported to be primary spiritual caregiver for your kids!

Get a copy of the Talk Now & Later book by Brian Dollar, Children‘s Pastor, KidMin Leader, and founder of High Voltage Kids Ministry Resources.

One thought on “Talk Now and Talk Later: Week 1

  1. Courtney says:

    I get up about 2hrs before anyone else to allow my reading and praying time. I read the Bible story book also with the kids before they go to bed. Jason and i are not to the point of praying together really yet except ay meal time. When my routine with God is altered i feel a definite lack and depravity of His presence. The more active i am in the word through church, bible studies and Christian friends, the closer I feel to Him.

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